Eight Technological Trends That are Going to Shape Future

Tech trends are fast and changing the world for the better. Every year we witness a change in one or the other technology breakthrough. Most of the Technological Trends vanish from the scene with the passage of time but quite a few becomes the mega trends.

The technological revolution is rapidly changing various sectors be it industries, education, IT sector, banking and finance, and much more replica watches. These  may fall under any of the areas but it is time to keep abreast with changing trends. This will only help the people to scale new heights and grow abruptly. Many Technological Trends have made their way in 2018 and will shape the future too.

Top-notch Eight Technological Trends in 2018 and Beyond

The year 2018 is regarded as the age of intelligence so are the coming years. Let us now watch out for significant 8 Technological Trends for the year 2018 and beyond:

  1. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things or IoT is one of the Technological Trends that emerging at a fast rate with an estimate of around 6 trillion U.S. Dollars to be spent on it in the coming five years. Most of the people are already using the Smart apps that are seamlessly connected with their homes, speakers with Wi-Fi compatibility, and Bluetooth-enabled alarm clocks.

Moreover, the usage of IoT in the business houses will reduce human errors and automate the industrial systems. The Smart Devices concept is going to take the forefront as they collect the data and easily use the data without any kind of intervention from the humans.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Making a Major Breakthrough

The computing power has made the emergence of Artificial Intelligence easier and quick. Computers now possess the same learning power as the humans that assist them to perform the duties of the workforce. The AI capabilities now involve the functionalities as:

  • Facial Recognition
  • Reading Capability
  • Listening feature
  • Understand a few emotions
  • Speak like the Alexa system, Cortana or Siri

The big IT giants have already invested trillions of dollars in the AI system. The business models will be made around the Artificial Intelligence. The developers can develop the algorithms that will support the applicability of the particular tasks.

  1. Opportunistic Blockchain Technology

The decentralized system that exchanges the data and stores the information about the Cryptocurrencies is known as the Blockchain. This digital transaction will open new doors for the economy and will make the world cashless in coming times. BitCoin being the first ever Cryptocurrency based on this system has already flourished itself.

The credibility of this system is great, as the parties cannot forge since the users have their own unique keys to operate the transactions. Not only the financial or banking sector is investing in the Blockchain but the sectors like Healthcare, government, manufacturing, IT industry, and other such industries are strongly supporting this digital transaction system.

  1. Mainstreaming of the Augmented Reality

Before the era of Augmented Reality ushered in, the Smartphones were streaming that made people use them for long hours. With the release of the game Pokemon Go, the Augmented Reality market became the billion-dollar industry. The online stores are becoming virtually sound by giving sound AR experience to the users.

Now, you can just see if the particular clothing matches your body type or not and many more excellent examples. The rise of the development of the AR-based application is the main thing on the agenda. Most of the brands have started investing in the Augmented Reality to make its customer’s future.

  1. Machine Learning and UX

The skills of the UX designers are going to play a pivotal role in machine learning. The complexities of the machine learning can be made simple by the right calculations of the UX designers. The excellent interface will only be able to support the automated decision-making process and deep learning. The intermediary services or the manual services will come under automation that directly relates to the disrupting many jobs.

The cloud services providers have invested big amounts in the Machine Learning project. The year 2018 has eventually commercialized this system. Many top companies are ensuring the introduction of the logical and innovative machine learning usage by ensuring to get the fair, accurate, reliable, and transparent outcomes of the complexities.

  1. Using the Chatbots

The naturally speaking bots are already in use that assists us in making reservations, file our complaints, ask about the reservations, and much more. The year 2018 and the coming years will witness the use of automated customer representatives chatbots that will answer particularly to one user.

The bots will not only stick to just one particular industry but in the coming years will be seen at your home or office. The Home Bots will assist you in having your medicines and meals on time, checking on your children, and support you in many other household works. Even these bots will aid the businesses to grow as companies are now moving towards the creation of chatbots instead of applications to better serve their customers. For interactive user experience, the AI enabled bots will make their way into the industries.

  1. Increased Usage of the 3D Printers

The 3D printers can bring digital designs into real-life products. The advanced 3D printers for the industries are not new but for personalized use, definitely, it is an amazing and a revolutionary idea. The 3D printer utilizes the SL technology or Stereolithography to get the high-resolution 3D printed images. Now, people can create their own live 3D printed products and they do not have to take assistance or permission from any of the big manufacturers.

The materials used in the 3D printing can be metal, plastic, liquid, concrete, chocolate, powder, or the human tissue too. As in traditional manufacturing, the designers have to create objects with the specific tools but here complex shapes can be carved out in seconds. Even the companies do not have to waste money on acquiring special kind of tools and material so it is a great money-saver package too.

  1. A Year of Virtual Reality

Along with the Augmented Reality, the year 2018 saw the emergence of the virtual reality too. The major players like HTC and Oculus are using the VR technology in the mainstream. The Virtual Reality is appealing to masses because of its presentation. This is the one of those technical trends that is emerging as an immersive and interactive experience for the users.

The headsets used for the Virtual Reality possess the head-mounted displays (HMD) technology. It can be used vigorously in the industrial sectors, retail sectors, sports, entertainment, health, etc. The gears the users use for playing games or experiencing any other view feel that they are physically present on that specific place or the game. The use of VR will not only be done in the gaming sector but also in other areas for seamless performance and growth. 


Finally, the tech trends that have made their way in the year 2018 and successfully marching towards the future have the potential to help the industries and individuals to experience a whole new world. The advancements and innovation in these technologies will support the economy, save people’s time and energy and even they are cost-effective too. So this is all for now. We hope these Eight Technological Trends are going to Shape your Future.