How Robotics is Going to Become the Biggest Trendsetter this Year?

The Robotics trend paved its way in the year 2017 and its flourishing rapidly. According to a survey, nearly half of all the jobs in most of the industries will be taken over by the robots in the coming years. The Robotic related innovations are making a mark with newer inventions and technological upgrades in the present times. The appearances of AI, Chat Bots, Humanoids, omega replica etc. on the scene are making a mark in the present day technological sector.

The Robot market is growing at 70% annually. They have become a trendsetter with automation becoming the backbone of the industries. The CAGR of the Robotics market is said to increasing from 6% to 9% while alone China projected it at nearly 25%. This double-digit growth will prove valuable for this industry.

Recent Trends in Robotics in 2019

As robots are said to accomplish a wide variety of tasks, so companies need to deploy them in the area outside the traditional manufacturing processes. The growth rate of robotics will be 22.8% on yearly basis. Let us now see some of the significant trends in Robotics that will create opportunities for the industrial process:

  • Introduction of the Collaborative Robots

The Collaborative robots are replacing the age-old traditional robots used in the manufacturing industries. For more flexibility, the co-bots or the collaborative robots that are the combination of the robots and the humans will be working in the industrial set-up. It is one of the growing segments of the Robotics in which many companies are making greater investments. Moreover, the collaborative robots are safe, flexible, easy to train, and possesses the power to be deployed instantly. With improvements in these robots, the pricing can really go low and they are good for businesses who want to take their initial step into using the robots.

  •  Handling of Materials and Logistic Supply

The 3D Vision material handling system is provided to warehouses, distribution centres,high quality replica watches and factories by the startups. It helps in enabling the mobility and navigation of the goods. Most of the companies use to put off the finances for the logistics during the crisis period. With the increasing demand from the customers to receive their products on time, the robotics system proved advantageous.

Even the newer warehouses and industrial units are changing their existing systems and introducing modern technological systems and methods for faster delivery. The E-Commerce giants like Amazon and others are using drones and other robotic inventions for speeding up the processing, picking, and shipping of the items.

  • Increased Popularity of the Usage of Drones

The drone market is growing at a rapid rate with the interest of the companies growing in delivering the products through aerial drones. This market is going to explode from $2 billion in the year 2016 to more than $125 billion by the year 2020. They are playing a great role in the manufacturing industry as they can deliver raw materials and finished products too. These drones or robotic inventions assesses the quality of the stock, keeps an eye on the production lines, and counts the inventory too. This has helped humans to carry out jobs that are more meaningful. However, the only thing the experts need to take care is of the cyber attacks of these drones.

  • The All-New Cloud Robotics

According to the reports by IDC, nearly 60% of the robots will be dependent upon the cloud-based software. It will help in defining newer skills, application programs, and cognitive capabilities of these cloud robots. As it can be seen that the present day robots require a large amount of pre-programmed information and a good amount of processing power, so the storage on the cloud will prove beneficial.

It will make the cloud robotics lighter, smarter, and even cheaper. This will also prove appealing for both the business houses and the consumers. The other advantage of using cloud robotics is that the developers can upload and integrate their programs in the existing robots. Even they can create technologically sound new robots too. Even the hardware costs will also become low, as the cloud robotics will be implemented in the applications and other developing sectors.

  • RaaS or Robotics as a Service- A Highly Adaptable Solution

RaaS is a new kind of business model where the robots are served as the service instead of the product. It is growing as a multi-billion dollar industry. It includes the following pointers:

  • RaaS supports companies in getting the advantage of the robotics services without investing a large amount of capital.
  • Reduction in costs
  • Increase in business productivity
  • Humans can focus on valuable company tasks
  • Even companies will be able to save a good amount and they can invest it in other modern technological services.
  • Provision of this service to startups that are running on a budget to come in mainframe, Oil and Natural Gas Industry, Agricultural Companies, and the Government Sector, etc.


  • Enhanced Investments in Robotics and its Related Services

The investment in the robotics exact replica watches sector is running in billions of dollars as the last figures put up on the chart states that more than $5 billion dollars have been invested so far. China is the only country that is running ahead in purchasing the robotics technology.

Many Chinese companies have taken a step ahead to acquire this modernized technology and the newer inventions. Moreover, the developed countries like China, U.S.A, and U.K. at the World Economic Forum stated about establishing nearly 1,000 business incubators for carrying the robotics solutions. It also involves approximately 50 nations onboard. The size of this fund is going to be more than $3 billion. It will aid the commercializing of the scientific inventions and the startups.

  • Integration with Artificial Intelligence

AI and Robotics are two different things that need not be confused. The robots are the machines that are pre-programmed by the developers to carry out the specific tasks. If the AI is added to these robots than they become the intelligent robots. With this, these kinds of robots provide the services in the unpredictable or any kind of changed environment. They process the realms of data and are fantastic at doing a single task.

By integrating Artificial Intelligence with robotics, they are helping the robots to understand the queries put up by the customers. Most of the financial institutions, for example, are using this automation to deal with the increased volumes of the data. These programs are easy to implement and less expensive so we will be able to see endless business applications, newer startups, and consumers coming to the forefront.

Final Words

To conclude, Robotics is flexing its wings and becoming a go-getter in recent times. Most of the manufacturing and other types of industries are including them in their day-to-day activities. The developed countries are watching it as a trendsetter and a milestone that will help their nations to grow and develop at a faster pace. Moreover, we will be witnessing the year 2018 and beyond as the year of Robotics where every work will become seamless and easy. Even humans will be able to concentrate on the value-added tasks of the companies instead of any meager work.